Bridesmaids Shop Sherman Oaks

The owner started her business designing evening gowns. She launched her first fashion show at the Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills on August 3rd, 2003 and eventually opened her store in April 2005. She is carrying her own designs as well as other designers’ gowns. She attended Otis College of Art and Design, majoring in fashion design.

She believes every woman’s beauty is reflected in the way she dresses. She is passionate about her work and excited to have the opportunity to dress women of all ages with beautiful designer gowns.


This is a good opportunity for someone that will promote the business


The Owner works with 7 companies and buys “Dress Samples”


Three of the companies provide free samples and 4 of them charge for the samples.



Price is 50,000


Gross 70,000


Net  40,000


Rent is 1500/month




Please contact Marina Golden



You will be required to sign an NDA




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